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Welcome to the ZegaHabesha Affiliate Program! Our affiliates play a crucial role in fostering connections within the Ethiopian & Eritrean LGBTQ+ communities while enjoying a range of fantastic benefits. Join us in making a difference and reaping the rewards.


Benefits to the Community

Building Bridges of Support: By becoming a ZegaHabesha Affiliate, you actively contribute to creating a vibrant and supportive community where LGBTQ+ individuals of Ethiopian & Eritrean descent can connect, share, and thrive. Your efforts help build bridges of understanding and love.


Spreading Inclusivity: As an affiliate, you promote inclusivity and diversity within our communities. You help ensure that everyone's voice is heard, and all individuals feel welcomed, valued, and respected. Together, we make our LGBTQ+ community even stronger.


Empowering Connections: Affiliates are key in empowering connections that lead to personal growth, friendship, and love. Your support enables individuals to find like-minded souls who share their experiences and culture, fostering bonds that last a lifetime.


Benefits to the Affiliate

Financial Rewards: Joining our Affiliate Program brings financial rewards. Earn commissions for each user who signs up through your unique affiliate link. The more connections you help create, the more you earn.


Promotional Resources: Access a suite of promotional resources, including banners, graphics, and content, to help you effectively market ZegaHabesha. We provide you with the tools you need to spread the word.


Community Engagement: Being part of our affiliate community means you're never alone. Connect with like-minded affiliates who share your passion for making a difference in the LGBTQ+ Ethiopian & Eritrean communities.


Recognition and Rewards: We appreciate your dedication. Top-performing affiliates may receive special recognition and rewards, such as exclusive access to features and events.


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Becoming a ZegaHabesha Affiliate means joining a dynamic network of individuals committed to sparking connections and creating a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals of Ethiopian & Eritrean descent. Whether you're an influencer, a community leader, or simply someone who believes in our mission, we welcome you to join us.


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Thank you for being a part of our mission to empower and connect LGBTQ+ individuals in the Ethiopian & Eritrean communities.